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Image by Sara Cervera

Hi, I'm Dianna, aka Lady Di!


It all started with a love of popcorn flavour + a love of pretzels - and the crazy idea to combine them!


I have been making the Zesty Original recipe for almost 10 years for family and friends. Everyone kept asking for more! 

While visiting with a friend, they told me several times that I should market my pretzels as a product for the masses. After some thought, my mom and I decided to go forward with sharing our pretzels with the world, and creating Lady Di's Snackers!


At the end of January 2022, we started working Farmer's Markets to see what people thought of our creation - needless to say, we received amazing feedback! 


By early spring we brought on two more flavors, Dill Pickle, and Parmesan Herb and Garlic. We also started designing our custom packaging. By the end of August, we introduced our new packaging for all three flavours! 

By Fall 2022, we were approached by Sobeys to see if we were interested in supplying local Sobeys/Safeway & IGA stores. (of course we were, oh my goodness!)


Due to their support, it has allowed us to expand our business to other retail businesses around Manitoba. We are blown away and so grateful that our little pretzel creations are being enjoyed by so many!

In one year, we brought this little home town business to life, and we couldn't be more excited to keep sharing with you all. We have fun plans for the future and hope that you join us on our journey! We wouldn't be here without you! Thank you!

Our Story

Where did the name Lady Di come from?

Back in the 90's, I was a bartender at Gnew's in Oakbank, MB (oh my, did I just age myself there?). The owner's son came up with the nickname Lady Di, and it just stuck for all of these years! 

More about Di

Our family moved out to the Anola area in 1976 and settled into the community. I went to Anola and Oakbank school, and I now have 2 grown daughters and 2 beautiful Grand Daughters, whom are the love of my life. 

I LOVE watching hockey, and you'll always find me cheering on the Winnipeg Jets!

Lady di

Our values


We are small town proud, from Anola, Manitoba. Raised in the area, we love being a part of this quaint and close community. We are family oriented and believe that good snacks bring us together!

Fun & Smiles

We promise to always spread joy and smiles, and commit ourselves to having fun! Life has its ups and downs, but we are here to be a warm presence in your life - whether it's a smile from Mama Di, or the zest in your pretzel!

Time together

How lucky are we that we have family and friends to share our lives with. Lady Di's Snackers snacks are meant to share with your loved ones. Share your stories AND your pretzels.

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